3,2 meters true textile printing up to 185sqm/hr. The game changer

Teleios Grande G5 is the game changer in the digital textile market. Its extra-size of 3,2 meters combined with the use of harmless waterbased dispersed dye inks for direct-to-textile, allows the global printing companies to quickly get new customers, increase their business opportunities and profits. Teleios Grande G5 comes with the latest Ricoh GEN5 industrial inkjet printheads with 1.280 nozzles per color, a droplet size of 7 picoliters and true greyscale, that results in printing speeds up to 185sqm/hr. Thanks to its expanded color gamut and the eye-catching colors guaranteed by d.gen inks, reds becomes richer than blood and the excellent penetration provides great front and rear looking. Superb color-fastness, water-resistance, 24/7 operation and the cheapest production costs are also a great value-added for G5 customers.

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LATEST RICOH PRINTHEADS | Thanks to the GEN5 printheads, recognized as a global leading technology for textile printing, Teleios G5 provides a 600dpi resolution with true greyscale. The latest version of the printhead comes with 1.280 nozzles per color and full greyscale, which enables printing speeds up to 185 sqm/hr. 

FABRIC & INK-FEEDING SYSTEMS. d.gen's unique textile feeding system allows direct printing on most of woven fabrics like flag, display material and the new d.gen power stretch. The optional BIS-5000 ink-feeding system with a 5 Kg ink-pouch for each color enables to refill inks while printing without staining your hands.

5kg/color continuous ink supply system
Designed to be refilled with inks while printing.Level of ink is easy to check visually or by sensor.
Provided with a double filtering system to protect against harmful substances.

HEAVY-DUTY HEATING UNIT. The optional HeatMan Grande unit allows high speed heat-fixation and curing of dispersed dye and pigment inks. It automatically controls speed and temperature (from 80 to 220 °C) and can handle up to 80-100 linear meters/hour of printed fabrics.


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