Sublimation for cotton, even blended fabrics!

paper transfer printing is now possible on any fabrics 
including Cotton / Rayon / Blended fabric


Printing on cotton become easy. Customers just use inkjet printer and 
heat transfer calendar machine for transfer printing on polyesters. 
Mass production is also possible by roll_to_roll production, with best color and high fastness results. 


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paper transfer with subli_COTTON (International patented) can be applied 
not only on chemical fiber such as Polyester but also on natural fibers such as 
Cotton, Rayon, blended fabrics, with great colors and high fastness results. 

Raw cotton fabrics without B/W treatment and colored fabrics, 
even black color fabrics can be sublimated with great colors, and fabrics will have 
water repellency at once, automatically. accordingly, customers are allowed 
to apply in various areas such as sneakers, Eco-bag, parasol, etc. 

Subli_COTTON, available in various weights 30, 40, 50, 80 gsm , 
and for woven and/or knit type. works with any printers for transfer paper printing 
which equipped Epson, Ricoh, Kyocera etc., print head. 

High fastness and water repellency of subli_COTTON can be applied to 
various applications such as Sportswear / T-shirt / Hand bags / Curtain / 
Sofa cover/ Cushion cover/ Blinder/ Wall cover / Shoes / out-door Tent/ etc. 


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