Pigment ink for all, all for pigment ink

CaP series CaP is the all in one organizer
for coating, curing and post coating no smoke pollution,
no water pollution at all to make CaP of colors, CaP of fastness.

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Printing with pigment on non coated textile gives good enough colors and fastness, but if you want the most excellent color and fastness
result, d.gen recommends using Cap series for coating, curing and even post coating.
Your fabric gets more vivid colors than printed with dye ink and gets better fastness than the traditional way.
Only 5 x 7 meter indoor space is needed to install CaP series. The whole processes are automatically done and it is absolutely eco-friendly.
Thanks to no smoke pollution because of only using electricity for power, and thanks to no water pollution because of never using a drop
of water for coating and curing, CaP will make your business absolutely eco-friendly.
CaP series speed is up to 180 linear meter per hour. For the coating purpose,
CaP is compatible with not only pigment ink but also reactive, acid and disperse dye-ink.


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