There're thousands of different kinds of printed garments and accessories, including swimwear, neck-ties, silk housedresses, underwear, bags, sneakers, t-shirts and much more. And each one is printed on a different natural, organic or synthetic fabric: cotton, silk, wool, polyester, satin, velvet, viscose. Among its range of graphic and industrial textile printers, alone or together with its partners, d.gen can provide end-to-end solutions for producing small, medium and high quantities of fashion items.

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High speed,good looking prints, for large volume printing 24/7.

Printer’s speed is defined by the number of nozzles and dots.
PAPYRUS arete uses...

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Artrix is the...

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paper transfer printing is now possible on any fabrics 
including Cotton / Rayon / Blended fabric


Printing on...

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CaP series CaP is the all in one organizer
for coating, curing and post coating no smoke pollution,
no water pollution at all to make CaP of colors, CaP...

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All kinds of woven fabrics and fabrics with minimum
elasticity can be printed thanks to d.gen’s patented
roll to roll feeding system.
Applicable to...

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Papyrus G5 is the latest addition in the d.gen's high-speed direct-to-paper printers range. This fully integrated production system comes with the latest Ricoh Gen5...

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